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1841-1851 U.S. Mounted Dragoon Officer Saber - Cooper, N.Y.

1815-1830 Bird Pommel Mounted Artillery Officer Saber

1800-1805 Eagle Pommel Mounted Infantry / Artillery Saber

Presentation Sword of Captain William M. Jordan

Presentation Sword of Captain Charles W. Borbridge

Presentation Sword of Captain John Dougherty
105th Pennsylvania Infantry
WIA Gettysburg & Spotsylvania

Presentation Sword of Colonel David B. Morris, 101st P.V.I.

WIA Battle of Fair Oaks

Presentation Sword of Capt. John Digman, 183rd P.V.I. WIA Spotsylvania, POW Libby Prison, Died Danville Prison

Presentation Sword of Major Oliver B. Knowles

21st Pennsylvania Cavalry

Presented to General Burnside When He Returned to Rhode
Island After the Battle of Bull Run - 1861

Presentation Sword of Capt. Charles McAnally, 69th P.V.I.Medal Of Honor @Spotsylvania

WIA Munson Hill, Yorktown, Antietam, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania (Twice), Cold Harbor

Presentation Sword of Colonel Jacob G. Frick
96th & 129th P.V.I.
Medal Of Honor @ Chancellorsville, WIA Fredericksburg